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Guest House Hiroshima Mange Tak
Cafe&BAR Hygge & Fika

The home in Hiroshima where the world's people meet

Every year many tourists from all over the world as well as from Japan come to visit Hiroshima.
A place where tourists and locals alike can meet up, talk and engage in friendship without hesitation or constraint.
Such a place is what we strive to become with our hostel and Cafe Bar.
Guest House Hiroshima Mange Tak
Cafe&Bar Hygge & Fika


はじめまして、”Mange Tak”です

Mange Tak

私たちのゲストハウスの名前は、Mange Tak(マングタック)と言い、

それは運営会社のSora Designが北欧諸国(特にデンマーク)と繋がりのある
事業を主軸としており、”Guest House Hiroshima Mange Tak”も
北欧インテリアショップSora Designがデザイン監修しているからです。

Nice to meet you. It is Mange Tak.

The name of our guesthouse is "Mange Tak".
A name, that might rarely reach your ear because it is the Danish word for "Thank you".
But why "Thank you".
Because we want to thank the people from all over the world who come here to Hiroshima.

So, why Danish.
Since our company was founded we had strong connections to Northern Europe,
especially Denmark with which we still maintain close relationships.
For that the interior design of "Mange Tak" was supervised and executed by
Sora Design, a design company for Northern European style.


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    Hiroshima Street Car Hiroshima Station

  • 路面電車27

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    Hiroshima Street Car Hiroden Dobashi Station

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  • Mange Tak
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  • 広島電鉄 小網町駅

    Hiroshima Street Car Hiroden Koami Station

  • 徒歩3

  • Mange Tak
Mange Tak

Mange Tak

〒730-0853 広島市中区堺町2-1-13
TEL: 082(533)7655

2-1-13, Sakaimachi, Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 730-0853
TEL: 082(533)7655

[Mange Tak] [] [34.395498] [132.445785] [./img/marker.png]

[Mange Tak] [] [34.395498] [132.445785] [./img/marker_sp.png]

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